Communications from Gaia

Communications from Gaia.
Every day I’m out walking in fields, woodlands and along riverbanks and every day I’m amazed at the beauty of my surroundings. I’m not talking about remote vistas, towering mountains or exotic enclaves; I’m talking about nature just as I happen upon it.
I see ‘potential’ in so many aspects of nature and so my photographs really are whatever I come across that ‘speaks’ to me. Those communications concern detail, textures, patterns, shapes, reflections and being open to the unexpected. Mother Nature is very kind to me and provides endless communications.
My role is to ‘translate’ these so that people can experience nature in a different way – to, see the detail they might otherwise miss, be surprised by the shapes and colours and experience a heartfelt connection with ‘Gaia’.
In my photographs there are clouds in raindrops, liquid ‘structures’, alien ice shapes, water in myriad hues and plant life you probably won’t ever see – because you’re focus is different from mine. I want you to know these aspects of nature exist…..are unexpected and beautiful.

These current galleries represent only a part of my work so please, explore nature through my photographs. Perhaps you’ll find an image which will become part of your environment, helping you continue that heartfelt connection.

Agate Chocolate Water Detail

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