Light Scapes

Light Scapes; sometimes it’s shadows and sometimes it’s colour or texture. The way the light falls, shines, melts into patterns or reflects something that wouldn’t be seen otherwise, becomes the photograph.
Red Reflective Trees projects a beautiful and vibrant quality of colour that almost shimmers.
Pond Light is that something that wouldn’t been seen otherwise….just a tiny pond of water, only a few inches long. The image has a wonderfully soft quality which is very attractive.
The dark green ferns are so velvety and this is printed on a rag paper to emphasise that quality. This photograph makes you want to touch it…well, I do!
Ice is a wonderful medium for playing with light and the the frozen marsh bubble looks alien…beautifully so.
For that tear drop on the grass stem I was crawling through a field, trying not to disturb the droplets whilst searching for a stunningly clear one!
The crazy spiral plant blowing in the wind reminded me of glow sticks.
The ‘purple’ ice…just a trick of the light…a beautiful trick!
Two of the raindrops  that reflect the blue/pink sky, are almost sculpted and I have no idea how…..that’s the wonderful aspect of it all.
The patterns on the leaves in the dark, inky water just seem to match each other….naturally!
Flamboyant cones! I’d never seen cones so bright and colourful before!