The Orb Series


The Orb Series was specifically created when I was offered gallery space and, rather than exhibit existing works, I decided to develop my fascination with water by placing a glass ball, in a small stream, in dark conditions and let the light of the camera flash illuminate the structures and colours that are contained within water, but remain hidden to most eyes.
The Orbs are, in turn, Gold, Jewel, Bee, Earth, Comet, Smoky and Rolling Orb.
I’ve been working with water for some time and see so many colours and shapes that I know most people will never see. The shapes I’ve previously captured are very abstract and so this time I thought to focus upon something with a solid presence that would still create an ethereal quality. Thus ‘The Orb Series’ was created.

In the beginning, until the flash fired, I couldn’t be sure of what would transpire. As I became more familiar with the process, I began to have an inkling about the end result although I took many ‘end results’ before deciding upon these!
My favourite is Bee Orb, and as I’m so motivated by detail, in particular, the thin black structure bridging the white in the middle of the image.