Water Album

The Water Album; Water creates such intricate and amazing patterns, colours and shapes.

A very viscous quality appeared in ‘Molten Water’ and so this is printed on a metallic paper which adds lustre.
The faster and clearer water of River Jewels created an ‘agate like’ appearance in the pebbles below the surface.
The light was slightly different and the speed of the stream created the lighter perspective in Blue and Yellow Abstract. 
Turquoise Bronze Water was running over stones which created the pattern. This is printed on a ‘gold silk’ paper to highlight the colours.
Reflections of trees shimmering in the river. However these portrayals meld the boundary between reality and reflection.
Strange shapes and seeming structures appear. When viewed through ‘my lens’, water exhibits a viscous quality.
The mixture of tree life and water life entwine to form new life.
Taken in the same location on different days, Yellow and Red Reflections display the water current in varying hues and lights.